This site is dedicated to providing Utah State Basketball fans with up to date statistics about their team. Currently we have game data on over 2100 games dating back to the 1951-52 season. We also provide real-time single-season and career individual player records as well as coaching records. The site also offers the largest Utah State Basketball Media Guide Collection on the internet (pdf format). We are always adding more data and functionality to the site, and our goal is to eventually have data on every game that Utah State has ever played. Check back often for a completely interactive search-able database with USU Stats. Enjoy your stay.

**Record Books Updated Through Games of: 2024-03-31**

Recent Updates:
2022-01-19 Added Game Results for the 1951-52 Season.
2020-10-30 Added Game Results for the 1952-53 Season.
2020-08-12 Added Game Results for the 1953-54 Season.